Zanac Zenfield (Zanakku Zenfierudo ザナック・ゼンフィエルド?) is a supporting character. Zanac owns a fashion store named Fashion King Zanac.


Zanac is a short man who seems to be in his forties or fifties. He has blonde hair and a moustache, and his eye colour is black. He wears a white shirt and a purple vest with a lavender handkerchief that hangs out of his vest. On top of all this, Zanac wears an indigo, knee-length cloak. He wears a pair of black trousers and a pair of brown shoes.


Zanac seems to be a jovial man, greeting Touya happily when the two first met. He has a sense of decency, as shown when he was embarrassed to ask Touya for his underclothes, and he also is a fair man, which is why he gave what seemed to be the right amount of the clothes. Contrary to what has been seen about Zanac, he is not perverted.


While Zanac's physical and magical capabilities are unknown, he is seen to have a great prowess in detecting the quality of clothes, as seen when feeling Touya's underclothes. He also is a capable salesman.


Zanac was travelling on a horse carriage when he intercepted a wandering Touya. Looking at Touya's clothes, Zanac took Touya into Reflet Town where he bought the clothes Touya was wearing and gave him a new set of clothes. Zanac has opened a branch of his clothing store in Brunhild Dukedom at his behest. Zanac was given several clothing designs by Touya as a going away present when they moved to Alephis to live in the mansion.


  • "I'm Zanac. I work in the clothing and accessories business." - Zanac introducing himself to Touya
  • "Please sell those underclothes to me as well!!" - Zanac asking Touya


  • In the intermission of Episode 1 it shows Zanac sniffing Touya's clothing and it shocks Touya.



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