Yuel Ernea Belfast
Kanji ユエル・エルネア・ベルファスト
Romaji Yueru Erunea Berufasuto
Gender Female
Personal Status
  • Queen of Belfast
Media Debut
Novel Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 4

Yuel Ernea Belfast (ユエル・エルネア・ベルファスト Yueru Erunea Berufasuto?) is the Queen of Belfast and Mother of Yumina.


Yuel has long blonde hair and wearing a fancy dress.



Queen Yuel is first introduced during the attempted regicide of her husband Tristwin Ernes Belfast. She is first seen as Duke Ortlinde and Touya enter the room where the King lays in agony, due to the effects of the poison. She is relieved to see the her brother-in-law has arrived and questioned who the young man that the Duke brought along was. Upon Touya using his Recovery spell to heal her husband of the poison, she was overjoyed to see his immediate improvement. She is next shown in the dining room where Touya revealed the mastermind behind the poisoning. She is later shown in a room with her husband, daughter Yumina, Duke Ortlinde, and Touya. They are all drinking tea together and after her daughter's surprise revelation to take Touya as a husband she didn't seem surprised. She revealed that she hoped that her daughter would find someone special soon, as she herself was married at a young age (Royalty usually marry by the age of 15). She is next seen during the beach vacation with everyone else, Yuel and Ellen lay on beach chairs under umbrellas. She is later stated to be pregnant and the wait until her child is born begins. She later delivers a baby boy in the presence of the female cast, and agrees to let Touya name her son.