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Since meeting Touya, Yae has made friendly and great relationships with others. In Light Novel Volume 3, everyone traveled to Eashen to meet her family, this includes her Mother, Father, older brother, and servant. The Father and Older brother are also sword practitioners. Her relationships in Eashen are the only ones that existed, prior to the storyline, as she was traveling.

Love Interest

Touya Mochizuki

I have made up my mind, I'm going to offer myself to Touya-dono....I didn't mean it like that!

—Yae Kokonoe's misleading proclamation to Touya and others

Yae is one of his companions and like the rest of everyone else, she is also in love with him. Ever since her first adventure in the group. Yae might also love him because he resembles her beloved brother.


Elze Silhoueska

Linze Silhoueska

Yumina Ernea Belfast

Lucia Rea Regulus

Hildegard Minas Restia

Yae and Hildegard are friends, Touya's fiancés and later wives.

Sakura (Farnese Forneus)


Sushie Ernea Ortlinde

Family members

Jūbei Kokonoe

Her father

Jūtaro Kokonoe

Her older brother

Nanae Kokonoe 

Her mother

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