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Resurrected in Other World


Touya at God's Place

15-year-old Touya Mochizuki was accidentally killed on his way home from his school when God carelessly released a lightning to earth. For the mistake, God immediately brought Touya to Divine Realm. As reviving one's life back to its original world is forbidden, Touya would be reincarnated into a new world instead. During the talk, God saw that Touya was also a good young man who handle the situation peacefully, which consequently increasing God's guilt for killing him. To compensate the mistake that had done, God also would granted him any wish that he asked. After some thought, Touya asked God for his smartphone. [12]. The first human Touya met was Zanac Zenfield, who was interested with Touya's school uniform. Saw an opportunity, Touya sold his uniform for some benefits[13] Using Zanac's carriage, Touya arrived at Reflet Town and stopped by Zanac's boutique, the Fashion King Zanac. In exchange for his uniform, Touya received his first money, 10 gold coins and a new set of clothes[14]. Touya went for booking a room at Zanac's recommended inn, the Silver Moon, and met Micah, the innkeeper. Intuitively, Touya learned the currency while booking the room[15].

My name's Mochizuki Touya. Oh, uh Touya's my given name.

—Touya introducing himself


the twins

While sightseeing the town, Touya heard some commotion at one of the street alley. At the alley, Touya saw twin sister, Linze Silhoueska and Elze Silhoueska who had some problem when trading with some guys. The twins were being scammed by the guys. Overhearing their argument, Touya decided to help the sister by asked them to sell the item to him. He broke the goods and knock down the guys easily. He paid the twins a gold coin as promised. As both, Touya and the girls just arrived at the town, the twin sister also decided to stay at the Silver Moon[16]. Having the same intention, Touya and the twins went for applying to the adventurer guild together. They decided to do their first quest, a hunting job with 18 copper coins prize. Upon registering the quest, Touya realized that he had no weapon at hand. At Eight Bears Weapon Shop, they met the shop owner, Barral and Touya bought his first weapon, a katana for 2 gold coins[17]. After spending 2 hours walking to the East forest, they were ambushed by the wolves. Fortunately, the wolves were the required beast for their quest. The wolves were defeated effortlessly because of Touya's swordsmanship, Elze's boxing skill and Linze's Magic Fire magic. From this hunt, they able to get 6 horn from the wolves which exceeding the required 5. After finishing the task, they went to one of coffee shop in town. On their way, Touya asked the twins to teach him how to read and write their alphabet as it was inconvenience for them. On top of that, Touya also asked them to teach him how to utilize magic which was poorly responded [18]. Having his ability boosted by God, Touya seemed confident about his magical ability. Then Linze explained the process to know one's magic aptitude. Even though they are twins, Linze and Elze had different magic attribute. Surprisingly, Touya had a far superior magical attribute than Linze. Having ruined their table, they left the shop and Linze taught him how to read and write for the rest of the day[19]. On the next day, Touya and Linze went to the backyard of Silver Moon while Elze left for the guild's quest. to Linze's admiration, Touya had magic aptitude for all attribute which is extremely rare. He even can used Magic Null magic, which is a personalized magic, by casting 「Gate」, a portal magic. The portal was opened to the East Forest and they met Elze there[20]. Back to the inn, Touya and Linze saw Micah was working in the kitchen with Aer, the owner of Parent coffee shop. Touya introduced them to ice cream when Aer asked for new menu for her shop. With help from his smartphone, he got the ice cream recipe, and Linze's ice magic, which is sub-category for Magic Water magic, they was able to make the ice cream. Aer was delightful with the result and thanked both of them. On the other hand, Elze annoyed when she knew that she couldn't taste the new menu[21].

Traveling Companion

After some time, the team consisted of Touya, Linze, and Elze had done several quest from the guild. Their guild rank had been upgraded from black (beginner) to purple. Being able to submit for the purple rank quest, Touya suggested the group for Mega Slime hunting on the northern ruin which immediately rejected by the girls. After some argument, they decided to take the letter delivery quest for 7 silver coins. Their client, Zanac Zenfield asked them to deliver the letter to Viscount Swordrick at the capital city. Because Touya had never went to the capital city, he could not use 「Gate」 and they were renting a carriage instead. While stopping for the night on Amanesk town, they saw commotion which caused by a samurai girl and several thugs.

Yae cornered by thugs

Touya meddled the fight, which although protesting, Elze also joined the fight. The samurai girl introduced herself as Yae Kokonoe and apparently she was hungry[22]. Touya, Linze, and Elze was interested with Yae's story and went dinner together while hearing her story. When they knew Yae had no place to stay, Touya offered to pay her inn. Yae strongly declined his favor as it had already too much for her. He then tricked her by pretending bought her hairpin, while the real intention was to give her some money. She accepted his offer and had the gold coin in exchange for her hairpin. On the next day, they continued their journey. Touya learned a new Magic Null magic, 「Aport」, a snatch magic. Firstly, he failed to get Yae's katana. However, on his second trial, he was able to get Yae's ribbon[23].

Three days had passed since their first departure. While on the back of the carriage, Touya learned a new Magic Null magic,「Long Sense」, a sensory booster magic. While activating the magic, he smelt blood and had his vision on a luxury carriage about 1 km ahead which being protected by several soldier while being attacked by some lizardman. Touya warned his companion and raced to the scene. He immediately cast another new Magic Null magic, 「Slip」 to slip the summoner of the lizardman. Upon successfully cast out the minions, a girl stepped out the carriage and cried for help. When they came closer to the carriage, a dying old man was found. Linze can't heal the man because there was an arrow in the man's chest. Using 「Aport」 and 「Heal」, Touya able to save the man[24]. The old man introduced himself as Leim, a butler from house of Ortlinde, and the girl as Sushie Ernea Ortlinde, the only daughter from the house and the niece of the king of Belfast. For having Touya and the girls saved them, the noble asked them to be their escort. During the journey while the other on their rented carriage, Touya joined the noble's carriage and to kill time, he told a fairytale for Suu[25]. Arrived at Alephis, the royal capital city, they were greeted by magnificent overview of the city's castle. They stopped at the Duke's residence and met the duke, Alfred Ernes Ortlinde. While expressing his gratitude for saving his daughter, the Duke unintentionally mention his blind wife, Ellen Ernea Ortlinde. She lost her sight after surviving certain illness 5 years ago. As he continued his story, the Duke told Touya about his father-in-law's Magic Null magic while expressing his desperation. Elze, Linze, and Yae suddenly screamed in unison after they realized that Touya could use any Magic Null magic. Touya then casted the magic in question,「Recovery」onto the Duchess. Joyful tear were flowing in the room after he successfully recovered the Duchess [26]. For returning Touya's favor for his family, the Duke gave Touya's group 40 white gold coins. Overwhelmed by the gift, Touya reflexively returned the gift. However, the duke insisted and Touya finally gave in with his present. The Duke also gave Touya, Elze, Linze, and Yae a medal of the house for each of them, which would gained them access to every place within the country.


Touya showed the sparring match to Yae and Elze

After met the Duke, they continued their quest to deliver Zanac Zenfield's letter to Viscount Swordrick who, to their surprise, was also the person that Yae wanted to meet. They arrived at the Viscount's residence and the Viscount received the letter then in haste, wrote his respond. Expressing his familiar feeling on Yae's figure, Yae responded by told the Viscount what her father told her to do when she met him[27]. The Viscount and Yae had a sparring match at the Viscount's fencing dojo. Yae was lost the fight and broke some of her ribs. She accepted her lost and left with desperation. Yae expressing her desperation for not able to saw her match with the Viscount again which in response Touya showed her the video on his smartphone that he took at that time. Seeing the footage, Yae gained her confidence back and promised to train her swordsmanship harder than before[28]. While in the capital city, Touya decided to go shopping alone. He was looking for light armor at the city's armor shop. From his first armor shop visit, he got recommendation to go to Beikut, a high-end and exclusive armor shop. On his way to Beikut, he met a fox-demihuman girl cried on the side of the street. Her name is Arma and she lost her older sister. Touya helped her to meet her sister back at the Magic Shop "Luca". When Touya and Arma were close to the magic shop, another older fox-demihuman saw them and started running toward them. The older sister, Olga, expressing her gratitude for saving her lost little sister. After parting his way from the sisters, he went to Beikut. Inside the shop, he saw a white long coat with fur on the collar and the sleeves, which was enchanted with blade-proof, heat-proof, cold-proof, abnormal effect-proof and also magic resistance if the wearer has aptitude toward the magic being used but will double the damage of the magic if the wearer has no aptitude toward that magic attack. He decided to buy the coat for 8 gold coins[29]. After finished shopping at Beikut, Touya went to visit Olga and Arma in front of the Luca Magic Shop but he couldn't found them therefore he went straight to their meeting place. Touya appeared as the last one to come at the meeting place. They went outside the city before Touya cast 「Gate」, which startled the clueless Yae. They went straight back to Silver Moon as it was already dark. Inside the inn, they were not being greeted by Micah as they usually were, but it was Dolan, the inn owner and Micah's father. They had dinner and Yae had to pay extra charge for her large appetite[30]. The next day, they went to deliver response letter from Viscount Swordrick to Zanac at his shop. Zanac was surprised when they arrived but after Touya explain the 「Gate」, Zanac understood the reason. Zanac also praised Touya's honesty for returning the excess travelling expenses. They went to the adventurer guild, completed their mission and also registering Yae. Touya again suggested the group for Mega Slime hunting on the northern ruin which immediately rejected by the girls. They decided to take the tiger-bear hunting mission and finished it for about 2 hours. They all went to Aer's Parent Cafe and had ice cream which amazed Yae[31].

Crystal Monster

Two weeks had passed since the last event and it was raining for the last three days. For the mean time, Touya had learned several Magic Null magic, which are 「Enchantment」, 「Paralyse」, 「Modeling」, a material-shapeshifting magic, and 「Search」 As a test Touya creates a shogi board (Japanese chess) which quickly became popular with the inn's owner Dolan and the owner of the Eight Bears Weapon Shop Barral.

Royal Family's Members


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