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Since being reincarnated, Touya has begun to make great relationships with various people.


After dying in his original world and being resurrected in a new one, Touya has met several girls who became his close companions. He has helped them on various occasions and has impressed them with his kindness and willingness to aid others. It was these traits that have earned him the affections of most of them and he was unaware of them at first until they all confess to him. After learning this, he thought back and was dismayed that he didn't spot the obvious signs before he came to terms with it.

When all of them asked to be his wife, he was unsure because of his age and customs to his old world. After talking with God, he told them that he is not ready for marriage but if they still want to marry him when he feels himself ready then he will gladly accept as the girls understand his reason and agree.

Elze Silhoueska

Touya finds Elze's personality to be difficult at times but cares for her as much as the rest of his fiancées. He does find her habit for painfully punching him in the stomach whenever she feels embarrassed to be tiring.

Despite this, he promised to accept her as one of his wives.

Sometimes, she even is willing to do perverted things with him.

Linze Silhoueska

Most of the time Touya finds Linze to be a pleasant and hardworking girl he can rely on.

In the 3rd volume of the light novel, she confessed her feelings to Touya and kissed him, much to his shock. Afterwards, he talks with her and she apologizes for not taking his feelings into consideration while he tells her that he likes her as well and promised to accept her as one of his wives.

Yae Kokonoe

Touya met Yae bring harassed by some thugs. She and Elize have a match with Touya with the condition being they can ask him one thing. Touya loses the match the girls ask him to marry them.

Sushie Ernea Ortlinde

Touya met Suu during their journey to the capital when they encounter them being attacked by Lizardmen. After the incident in the Kingdom of Lihnea and the birth of Prince Yamato she was officially accepted as one of Touya's fiancees

Yumina Ernea Belfast

Touya met Yumina when the Duke take him to the royal castle to use [Recovery] to the poisoned king. Seeing Touya's kindness with the help of her magical eye and Touya solved the case make her decide to marry him. At first he rejected the idea, but after spending time with her he realizes he cares for her as well as the others.


First meeting Leen in Mismede, Touya gains Leen's interest (initially not romantic) by using the null spell, [Program]. She asks him to be her apprentice to which he refuses. Soon after Leen follows Touya to Mismede where She begins to follow Touya on his adventures.

Touya usually finds Leen difficult to deal with/ due her perverted antics. She later becomes one of Touya's fiancees after a meeting of the Bride Conference.

Lucia Rea Regulus

Touya meets her while coming to the aid of the Regulus Empire during an attempted coup saving her from a soldier that was trying to kill her. She later falls in love with him after their first meeting and would be accepted by Yumina and the others after the Empire was saved.


She first meets Touya after he saved her dying after an assassination attempt by Yuuron assassins. After recovering her memories she is accepted as Touya's last fiancee.

Hildegard Minas Restia

She would meet Touya when he saves her and her knights from an attack of lower class Phrase and would fall in love with him. She would later be accepted as one of his fiancees after a meeting of the Bride Conference.

Brunhild Dukedom

God of Love

One of the gods from the Divine Realm. She is acting as one of Touya's older sisters

God of Sword

One of the gods from the Divine Realm. She is acting as one Touya's older sisters and works as a combat instructor for the Brunhild Knight Order.


The head butler of the Brunhild Castle and former butler to the King of Belfast


One of Touya's personal maids. She is grateful to Touya after he helps her to escape poverty


The head of the maids that work in the Brunhild Castle

Babylon Sisters

Pure Liora

Bell Flora


The last of the gynoids that Touya encounters and the manager for the Laboratory of Babylon


Francesca or Cesca is the first Gynoid Touya met and the terminal manager of Babylon Sky Garden. Due to her perverted personality Touya always scolded her for it. She would later become one of Touya's personal maids

Iris Fam

Pamela Noel

Lilly Parshe

High Rosetta

Fred Monica

Four Divine Beasts


Kohaku is Touya's first summon beast and formerly known as the " White Emperor"


One half of Touya's second summoned beast and formerly known as the "Black Emperor"


The other half of Touya's second summoned beast and formerly known as the "Black Emperor"


She is the third summoned beast that Touya summons and the calmest of the five. Formerly known the "Flame Emperor"


The last of the four divine beasts that Touya summons. She has a poor relationship with Kohaku due to their extremely deferring personalities. Formerly known as the "Blue Emperor"

Kingdom of Mismede

Olga Strand

Touya sees Olga as a reliable older sister figure.

Arma Strand


Zanac Zenfield


Touya met Micah first in the Silver Moon where they became good friends. After leaving the Silver Moon, in volume 2 Touya left a present for Micah and Dolan. And in volume 4 Touya brought a hot spring inside the Silver Moon.


Divine Realm


Touya and God are on good terms, despite accidentally killing him but resurrecting him as an apology. Overall, they get along well having a bond that resembled a grandfather and grandson as God often helps Touya with advice. Touya has to hide his connection to God, to avoid questions about his world.

Later on in the series, it's revealed that God put the divine element to bring to Touya to the divine realm. To which, he didn't realize until months later into the series.

God of Destruction

Like's to destroy stuff


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