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Touya Mochizuki





Kanji 望月冬夜
Romaji Mochizuki Touya
Age 15 (Debut)
16 (LN Volume 3)
18 (Current)
Gender Male
Blood Type N/A
Species Human (Debut)
Demigod (Current)
Hair Color Black
Gold (Divine Form)
Eye Color Blue
Gold (Divine Form)
Personal Status
Occupation Adventurer
Grand Duke of Brunhild Dukedom
Novel Debut Light Novel Volume 1, Prologue
Web Novel Arc 1 Chapter #1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Katsumi Fukuhara
English Josh Grelle

Touya Mochizuki (望月冬夜 Mochizuki Touya?) is the main protagonist of In Another World With My Smartphone. After accidentally being killed by God, Touya is reincarnated into another world with a favor from God, his smartphone. He is blessed with superior physical and magical strength and has he also has an affinity toward all attributes of magic[1]. He also able to cast all 〈NULL〉 magic[2]. He becomes the Grand Duke of Brunhild Dukedom after receiving sovereignty over an area in between Kingdom of Belfast and Regulus Empire[3].


Touya is a young black haired, blue eyed boy who is 15-years old.[4] During Touya's first arrival, he is shown wearing his school uniform. With help of Zanac Zenfield, he later changes his clothes into the world's black tunic, trousers, and shoes[5]. After his first visit to the capital city of Kingdom of Belfast, he wears a white long coat with fur on the collar and the sleeves[6].


Touya is a kind and thoughtful who always looks to help others, but many have stated that Touya is too kind for his own good.


Smartphone - A cellular device that Touya brought with him as a favor from God. The phone's battery power runs on magical power. He can use the power to locate people and look in at what they're currently doing. While he can't contact anyone in this world or his previous world, Touya can check websites that let him know what is happening in his previous world.

Swordsmanship - Touya is able to use swords with great skill that allows him to take down enemies.[7]

Magic Aptitude - Touya is able to control all 7 magical elements which completely rare for anybody. The Silhoueska sisters first noticed that when Touya used magic, his magical energy was overflowing.

  • Fire Magic - Touya can use fire magic in mainly any form or power without restrictions.
  • Water Magic - Touya can use water magic in mainly any form or power without restrictions.
  • Earth Magic - Touya can use earth magic in mainly any form or power without restrictions.
  • Wind Magic - Touya can use wind magic in mainly any form or power without restrictions.
  • Light Magic - Touya can use light magic in mainly any form or power without restrictions. Touya uses light magic the most out of all the elements besides null magic.
  • Dark Magic - Touya can use dark magic in mainly any form or power without restrictions.
  • Null Magic - Touya can use any null magic as long as he knows what it does and its name.

Boosted Basic Abilities - The boost God gave Touya while in the Divine Realm which boosted his intelligence, strength, durability, and more.

Divine Power (神力 Shinriki?) - because his body made from material exists in Divine Realm, he can use divine power which can be given to the one who is loved by God (神に愛された存在 Kami ni Aisareta Sonzai?), therefore the one who Touya loves, which is called "FAMILY" (眷属 Kenzoku?, literally meaning "relative")[8].

  • Love of God (神の愛 Kami no Ai?) - A divine protection from physical and magical damage which given to "FAMILY"[8].
  • FAMILY TRAIT (眷属特性 Kenzoku Tokusei?) - A blessing which gives a new or improved ability to "FAMILY"[9].


  • I came to my senses, laying on my back and gazing up at the sky. The clouds were floating on gently by, and I could hear birds chirping in the distance. - Touya describing his first sights as he awakens in this new world.[10]
  • "My name's Mochizuki Touya. Oh, uh Touya's my given name. - Touya introducing himself in the same manner as always.


  • Touya is the only character to appear on all 10 of the current light novel covers.
  • Mochizuki Touya (望月冬夜) means Full Moon on a Winter Night.
  • Because of the difference of the number of days in a year between his past world with his current world, Touya is 17 year old in his current world when he should be 18 in his past world.
  • Touya is one of two gold class adventurers in the world.


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