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My name's Mochizuki Touya. Oh, uh, Touya's my given name.

—- Touya Mochizuki

Touya Mochizuki




Kanji 望月冬夜
Romaji Mochizuki Touya
Age 15 (Former)

16 (Current)

Gender Male
Blood Type N/A
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Smartphone
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather
Occupation Adventurer
Novel Debut Light Novel Volume 1, Prologue
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Katsumi Fukuhara
English Josh Grelle

Touya Mochizuki (Mochizuki Touya, 望月冬夜) is the main protagonist of In Another World With My Smartphone. After accidentally being killed by God, Touya is reincarnated into another world with a favor from God, his smartphone.


Touya is a young black haired, blue eyed boy who is 15-years old.[1] When Touya first arrives, he is shown wearing his school uniform which he gives away quickly. And after that, he usually appears in a white jacket with a black shirt and navy pants.


Touya is a kind and thoughtful who always looks to help others, but many have stated that Touya is too kind for his own good.


Back in his previous world, Touya seemed to have a rather close relationship with his grandfather.


Smartphone - A cellular device that Touya brought with him as a favor from God. The phone's battery power runs on magical power. He can use the power to locate people and look in at what they're currently doing. While he can't contact anyone in this world or his previous world, Touya can check websites that let him know what is happening in his previous world.

Swordsmanship - Touya is able to use swords with great skill that allows him to take down enemies.[2]

Magical Power - Touya is able to control all 7 magical elements which completely rare for anybody. The Silhoueska sisters first noticed that when Touya used magic, his magical energy was overflowing.

  • Fire Magic - ?
  • Water Magic - ?
  • Earth Magic - ?
  • Wind Magic - ?
  • Light Magic - ?
  • Dark Magic - ?
  • Null Magic - ?

Boosted Basic Abilities - The boost God gave Touya while in the Divine Realm which boosted his intelligence, strength, durability, and more.


  • I came to my senses, laying on my back and gazing up at the sky. The clouds were floating on gently by, and I could hear birds chirping in the distance. - Touya describing his first sights as he awakens in this new world.[3]
  • "My name's Mochizuki Touya. Oh, uh Touya's my given name. - Touya introducing himself in the same manner as always.


  • Touya is the only character to appear on all 9 of the current light novel covers.



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