These are a collection of short stories within the In Another World With My Smartphone series.

Short Summary

I'm not a pyromaniac!

  • Takes place back in Japan before Touya is sent to another world.
  • Touya helps a friend move into his new home in Sendai, but when his friend gives him a red kerosene canister Touya is mistaken for an arsonist. Touya gets out of the situation after letting police know it was a misunderstanding. [1]

A Day in the Life of a White Tiger

  • Takes place somewhere around after Touya discovered Francesca. This short story is shown in the view of Kohaku.
  • Kohaku wakes up and heads to the kitchen to eat, but when Sango and Kokuyou arrive dripping wet Kohaku asks what they were doing. After finding out that they were cooling themselves in the fountain, and Kohaku hopes that Touya won't ever summon the Green Monarch after Kokuyou brings up the 2 other beast monarchs. [2]

The Intentions of the Gods

  • Takes place when Yumina announces she wishes to marry Touya.
  • Gods are watching over Touya and talk about how interesting they think he is. [3]

The Child of Babylon

  • Takes place sometime after volume 3.
  • Francesca thinks about if Dr.Babylon made the numbers and nine islands for Touya's sake. Francesca notices Touya's smartphone after bringing him some black tea. Cesca asks what it is and when Touya answers, she remembers that Dr.Babylon used to have similar objects. Touya shows her the camera on the phone and takes a picture of Cesca. Cesca asks for one more picture and when he takes it, Cesca flips up her skirt. Touya ends up flustered and angry at Cesca and Yumina shows up and scolds Touya. [4]

Chapters/Short Stories

  • I'm not a pyromaniac!
  • A Day in the Life of a White Tiger
  • The Intentions of the Gods
  • The Child of Babylon




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