Regina Babylon




Kanji レジーナ・バビロン
Romaji Rejīna Babiron
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human(former)
Android (current)
Hair Color Blonde
Nicknames Professor Babylon
Personal Status
Media Debut
Novel Light Novel Volume 3
Web Novel Chapter 9 #70

Regina Babylon (レジーナ・バビロン Rejīna Babiron?) is the foremost genius of her time who created the gynoids, the Babylons, and the Frame Gears. She lived around 5000 years ago and was one of the citizen of the Ancient Civilization Paruteno (古代文明パルテノ Kodaibunmei Paruteno?). She is mainly referred to as Professor Regina Babylon (レジーナ・バビロン博士 Rejīna Babiron Hakase?)[1].


Regina is shown as a beautiful women in her twenties with long messy blond hair that extends to her waist while wearing a round glasses and smoking a cigarette in her mouth. She wears a slovenly worn jacket and skirt with a white laboratory coat on top of it[1].

Later after her consciousness was transferred into a gynoid, she appears as a 10-year-old child with long golden hair reaching the waist and a pair of jade eyes[2].


She is a genius but also an erotic person. During her first met with Touya Mochizuki, she lifted her skirt and showed her favorite laced black panties[1].


Regina Babylon lived around 5000 years ago before the start of current story line. She was the most genius person that ever live in her time. Her livelong rival, Debora Erks, a master of magic craft in Paruteno, comes second with huge margin after her[3].

About 5092 years ago, she began to create the gynoid and the Babylon after seeing into the future through her magic tool. Through her clairvoyance tool, she found Touya Mochizuki and began invested in him. She then created the Babylon as her legacy to Touya while also made 9 gynoids, the same number as the number of Touya's wife from what she saw in her clairvoyance, based on what she thought his preferences is[4]. She passed away at around 4907 years ago[5].

After Touya found the Laboratory of Babylon, her consciousness was transferred into the last gynoid, airframe #29[6].


  • All Magic Attribute: she is another person that being introduced who has aptitude to all magic attribute beside Touya Mochizuki[4].


  • "My Favorite" (「ボクのお気に入りだ」 Boku no Okiniirida?) - Regina Babylon when showed Touya her panties.



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