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Pure Liora (プレリオラ Pureriora?)  is a 5000-year old terminal gynoid tasked by Professor Regina Babylon to manage the Rampart of Babylon. Her airframe number is 20. She nicknamed herself as Liora (リオラ Riora?).[3]


Pure Liora is a gynoid with light blue wavy short hair, white skin and a pair of golden eyes. When first appearing in the series, Pure Liora is shown to be wearing a large pink ribbon on top the black stripped jumper skirt with white tunic and black tight. Her height is about the same as Flora but shorter than Touya Mochizuki[3]


Compatibility Test

For determining anyone that passes the teleportation magic circle test as a truly compatible person. Professor Regina Babylon gave her creations, the gynoid, freedom to have the final judgment.

She immediately acknowledged Touya Mochizuki and did not test him after Touya introduced himself as the owner of Sky Garden, Alchemy Building, Workshop, and Hangar. [3]


Liora was created about 5092 years ago along with the Rampart by Professor Regina Babylon after the professor looked into the future.[4] Then around 4907 years ago, she departed separately from her sisters after the professor died.[5][6]

About 374 years ago, her Babylon were joined with Tower of Babylon by chance after the tower's teleportation magic circle was destroyed by a volcano around 527 years ago[3].




  • Based on the character introduction:
    1. She is the oldest android.[7]
    2. She is Professor Babylon's night partner. [7]
    3. She has no experience in bed with a man. [7]


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