Olga Strand  (オリガ・ストランド Origa Sutorando?) is the daughter of Olba and older sister of Arma. She later marries Lyon Blitz.


Olga is a young woman with long hair and brown eyes. She is shown to be wearing a blue dress and black boots.


Olga is first shown after Touya and company assist Arma in reuniting them after she got lost in the crowd. She is later revealed to be the scapegoat for the attempted regicide by Count Balsa. After Touya clears her of any suspicion in the poisoning, we later see her during the trip to the Mismede capital to set up the meeting between the kings. Her next appearance comes when Yumina and Touya take Sushie to visit Mismede and run into Arma and see that Olga is on a date with Lyon. The group follow along when Olga and Lyon go into a cafe, Touya uses his smartphone to snoop in on their conversation. She is later shown to be in a shopping area with Lyon sitting on a bench, when Lyon tried to put his arm around her. She later congratulates Lyon for defeating the hoodlums messing with the apple vendor. She notices one of the two masked people to be King Jamukha. She isn't referred to much until her wedding day, which is held at the Blitz manor. Touya goes around using [Recall] to collect memories of Olga when she was little to use as a slideshow during the reception. They have their first night as a married couple in a lone room at the Brunhild castle.







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