This lists down the different news articles (excluding blog posts) related to the In Another World With My Smartphone light novel series. Only " Recent News' is displayed. Visit the Yearly News Archives for more.

Recent News

  • (July 24, 2017) To The Capital We Go!: Isekai Smartphone Manga's 2nd volume is released.
  • (July 19, 2017) 1st Batch of Character Songs: Volume 1 of the Character Songs is released in Japan.
  • (July 11, 2017) The Start of the Anime Adaption!: In Another World With My Smartphone Anime begins airing in Japan.
  • (June 24, 2017) Adaption's Beginning: Isekai Smartphone Manga's 1st volume is released.
  • (June 22, 2017) The Story Continues..: The 9th volume of the light novel is released.
  • (June 2, 2017) Katsumi Fukuhara, Maaya Uchida, Yui Fukuo star in July TV Anime: 2nd PV and Cast announced.
  • (March 21, 2017) Light Novel Series Gets TV Anime: In Another With My Smartphone is set to air its anime adaption this summer.
  • (February 17, 2017) Light Novels Licensed by J-Novel Club: J-Novel Club announces it has licensed In Another World With My Smartphone for the West.

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