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Regulus Empire

Zephyrus Roa Regulus

Her father and the current Emperor of Regulus.

Lux Roa Regulus

Her older brother and the First Prince of Regulus.

Sarah Rea Regulus

Her older sister and the First Princess of Regulus. She is currently married to a prince (or King) of another country.

Elysia Rea Regulus

Her older sister and the Second Princess of Regulus. she was studying abroad learning about magical engineering in the Felzen Magic Kingdom. But she later became engaged (then married) to the King of that country.

Brunhild Dukedom

Touya Mochizuki

Touya met her when he saved the empire from being overthrown by the imperial army in a coup. He agrees to marry her after the Emperor of Regulus creates a truce with the King of Belfast. This was the beginning of the creation of the Brunhild Dukedom. She is very much in love with him. She loves to cook for him and cares very much for him.

Yumina Ernea Belfast

Lucia met her after Touya saved her from a coup in her country. She is in good terms with Yumina.

Yae Kokonoe

Elze Silhoueska

Linze Silhoueska

Sushie Ernea Ortlinde

Hildegard Minas Restia


Sakura (Farnese Forneus)

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