In Another World With My Smartphone. 2
 Kanji 異世界はスマートフォンとともに。2
 Romaji Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. 2
 Pages 210
 Release Date August 22, 2015 (JP)

May 4, 2017 (U.S)

 ISBN ISBN 9784798610658 (JP)
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Light Novel Volume 2 is the 2nd volume of the In Another World With My Smartphone light novel series.


Undeterred by his untimely death on Earth, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya continues to meander around in another world! After a series of misadventures, the young man has assembled a motley crew of adventurers including the timid mage Linze, the feisty brawler Elze, the ever-hungry samurai Yae, and even the young archer Yumina, heir to the Belfast throne. Together with his party (and a divine white tiger), Touya sets his sights on the horizon, heading for the demi-human kingdom of Mismede! But all is not what it seems... the beastman king issues a personal challenge, and a black-scaled dragon could soon spell out Touya's doom! The curtains lift once again on an epic tale of sorcery, smartphone apps, and... gunblades?! (via J-Novel Club)


  • Chapter l: Day-to-day Life l
  • Chapter ll: To the Demi-Human Kingdom
  • Chapter lll: Day-to-day Life ll
  • Interlude l: A Day Off in Mismede
  • Interlude ll: Slime Castle



Good day. It’s me again, Patora Fuyuhara.

It’s been only a short while since the first volume. And here you have the second one already. Isn’t that amazing?

Well, it would be even better if I had anything I could write for this afterword. That’s a bit of a problem here... Alright, what should I talk about... In my mind, this work of mine is meant to be a simple, fun read with a slant toward the comedic, so there are a number of scenes made just to get a few laughs. One of the things I like to use for this purpose is [Slip]. It makes me remember something that happened to me once. It happened when I first went to Yamagata city in the Yamagata prefecture. It was in the middle of winter. I walked down the station stairs, sentimental about finally being there. Then, when I took my first big step into the city, I slipped and fell as if I was in some kind of comedy skit. The snowfall had made the ground icy. I was surprised by what happened to me, then I looked up and saw the people of Yamagata, walking around on the ice as if it was nothing. I honestly thought they were pretty amazing. Now that I think about it, that event might actually be what created [Slip]. Oh, damn. I was talking about something wintery, but this volume isn’t coming out during the winter at all.

Anyway, here’s my special thanks for this time. To Eiji Usatsuka. Thank you for the excellent dressing room scene you drew as the color illustration for this volume. I actually pumped my fist into the air when I saw the rough sketch. To K, thank you so much for taking so many things into consideration for me. To everyone at Hobby Japan’s editorial department and everyone who took part in this and the previous book’s publication, thank you all so much. And to all those who read my work, regardless if it’s this book or the web novel version, you have my deepest gratitude.

- Patora Fuyuhara

(via J-Novel Club)



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