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Leen wn

Kanji リーン
Romaji Rīn
Age 612 (Debut)
614 (Current)
Blood Type N/A
Species Fairy
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Yellow
Nicknames N/A
Equipment N/A
Personal Status
Occupation Court Magician of Brunhild Dukedom
Novel Debut N/A
Anime Debut N/A
Manga Debut N/A
Japanese Sumire Uesaka
English N/A

Leen (リーン Rīn?) is one of Touya Mochizuki's wife. She was the clan matriarch of all fairies and the court magician of the Kingdom of Mismede. Currently she is living with Touya and everyone else at Brunhild Dukedom and working as the dukedom court magician.


Leen is shown as a young woman despite her age, with silver twin-tails and gold eyes. She is usually wearing a lolita dress.


She has a strong thirst for knowledge. This can be seen in her enthusiasm for discovering all 9 Babylon flying structures.


Leen was Charlotte's magic teacher in the past. She used borderline torturous methods to teach. She is also quite mischievous, groping Tsubaki while invisible and blaming it on Touya.


  • Magic Aptitude: She has aptitude towards 〈FIRE〉, 〈WATER〉, 〈WIND〉, 〈EARTH〉, 〈LIGHT〉 magic.
  • Null Magic
    • 「Program」: this magic allows Leen to set rules toward inanimate objects which is similar with the computer programming. This magic can be added into the same object infinitely.
    • 「Transfer」: this magic allows Leen to transfer her Mana to the appointed receptor.
    • 「Protection」: this magic allows Leen to protect certain inanimate objects from physical degradation and prolongs its lifetime.
    • 「Discovery」: this magic allows Leen to find the intended object only based on the exact parameter. Based on the certainty principle, his magic can not be used to find a slightly different object.





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