Lapis (ラピス Rapisu?) is a maid from the Maid's Guild who used to work at the Belfast Mansion before moving to Brunhild Dukedom, where she is the head maid. She is also a member of Espion.


Lapis is a young woman dressed as a maid.


She has a calm demeanor befitting a maid.


Lapis was first introduced after Touya and the girls moved into the mansion. Lapis' placement as a maid was at the request of Tristwin Ernes Belfast since she is a member of the Espion group to watch over his daughter.


Due to being a spy working directly for the King, she has the ability to silently sneak up on someone as she does to Touya on occasion. Her other abilities as an Espion member are never shown or mentioned.


"So does what float at that size?" - Her question to Touya after his comment on Cecile's bust size.

"Even here I have work to do, I have been serving drinks to the ladies." - Her answer to Touya's question as to why she isn't swimming with the others.




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