Kingdom of Lihnea (リーニエ王国 Rīnie Ōkoku?) is a major location in the series.


The Kingdom of Lihnea is located on the southern half of the Parunie Island. It borders the northern Kingdom of Palouf and was shown to have many previous skirmishes in the past though they have never developed into a full scale war.[1]

They have made trade relations with the Kingdom of Belfast, the Refreese Imperium and the Regulus Empire, but for unknown reasons they have little to no diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Mismede[2][not specific enough to verify].

Family Tree of The Monarchy


Note: ‡ current monarch; ⁑ former queen

Notable People

  • Cloud Zef Lihnea: The newly reigning king of Kingdom of Lihnea.
  • Schlaf Zef Lihnea: The former king of Kingdom of Lihnea. Cloud's father.
  • Elia Zes Lihnea: Cloud's mother. She was placed under house arrest by Wardoug as a means to keep control over the king and was imprisoned in Galia Fortress
  • Marquess Kopp: The Prime Minister of Kingdom of Lihnea and also a prime minister before Wardoug.
  • Angie: Maid warrior who serving Elia.
  • Zabun: The fake first prince of Kingdom of Lihnea.
  • Wardoug: The former prime minister of Kingdom of Lihnea. Zabun's biological father.
  • Dakia: The former queen of Kingdom of Lihnea. Zabun's biological mother.


  • Galia Fortress: A fortress that is located on the outskirts of Lihnea's territory and was under the control of Wardoug until he removed from the office of Prime Minister.




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