The Proofreading Project aims to fix any grammatical errors and, any other improvements within that category all over the wiki.This is to make the wiki easy to understand and better for the eyes all-in-all. All articles that are editable by normal users will be considered under the proofreading project.


Word Improvement

Grammatical Fixes

Falsified Information

Requirements for Participation

  1. Registered Wiki Account
  2. Good Grammatical Skills
  3. A good knowledge of the series past the anime


There are two rewards based on who gets the most done: a spot with us on moderation as a content moderator and being one of the three featured contributors.


  1. Rewards and Points are based on the number of edits and how much work is done within the said edit.
  2. Point System: +1 for each edit, +1 - +5 depending on how much work is done on an edit, and +10 for every 100 edits.
  3. Just like all other projects on the wiki, there are only 20 open slots available for contributors to join in.