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Yumina Urnea Belfast

Yumina Urnea Belfast (Yumina Urnea Belfast, ユミナ・エルネア・ベルファスト) is one of the heroines In Another World With My Smartphone. Yumina is also the crown princess of the Kingdom of Belfast and she is currently traveling with Touya and everyone else.


In Another World With My Smartphone News
  • (July 24, 2017) To The Capital We Go!: Isekai Smartphone Manga's 2nd volume is released.
  • (July 19, 2017) 1st Batch of Character Songs: Volume 1 of the Character Songs is released in Japan.
  • (July 11, 2017) The Start of the Anime Adaption!: In Another World With My Smartphone Anime begins airing in Japan.
  • (June 24, 2017) Adaption's Beginning: Isekai Smartphone Manga's 1st volume is released.
  • (June 22, 2017) The Story Continues..: The 9th volume of the light novel is released.
  • (June 2, 2017) Katsumi Fukuhara, Maaya Uchida, Yui Fukuo star in July TV Anime: 2nd PV and Cast announced.
  • (March 21, 2017) Light Novel Series Gets TV Anime: In Another With My Smartphone is set to air its anime adaption this summer.
  • (February 17, 2017) Light Novels Licensed by J-Novel Club: J-Novel Club announces it has licensed In Another World With My Smartphone for the West.

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Latest Volume
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni: Light Novel Volume 9

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