First Journey, and Samurai(Hatsutabi, soshite samurai 初旅、そしてサムライ。) is the second episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.

First Journey, and Samurai
 Japanese 初旅、そしてサムライ。
 Romaji Hatsutabi, soshite samurai
 Air Date July 18, 2017
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Another World
 Ending Junjō Emotional
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 1
 Next Episode 3




Differences between Anime and Light Novel

  • In the light novel Touya and the others meet Zanac to receive the letter, Zanac gave too much money as for travel money to the capital. But in anime, this was completely skipped over.
  • In the light novel, Touya buys Yae's bekko hairpin in order to give her money to stay somewhere. The anime skips this scene.
  • In the light novel, the mage who summons the lizards is killed by Yae, while in the anime Touya uses Slip to knock him out.
  • In the light novel, one of Sushie's guards has his brother killed and is shown to be grieving. In the anime, there is no mention of this.
  • While in the Sushie's carriage, Touya tells Sushie tales such as Momotaro and Cinderella in the light novel. However, in the anime this scene is removed.
  • Touya appears near Ellen before healing her eyes in the light novel, but in the anime, it puts this scene in mainly Ellen's viewpoint.
  • The entire scene from what occurred at Viscount Swordrick's residence is skipped over.



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