Awakening, and Another World (Mezame, soshite isekai 目覚め、そして異世界) is the first episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.

Awakening, And Another World
 Japanese 目覚め、そして異世界
 Romaji Mezame, soshite isekai
 Air Date July 11, 2017
• Theme Songs•
 Opening Another World
 Ending Junjō Emotional
• Anime Chronology•
 Next Episode 2




Differences between Anime and Light Novel

  • In the LN it is explained where Touya was hit by the lightning, but in the anime it isn't explained.
  • The Anime shows the moment Touya receives his magical boost as a flashback, while the LN doesn't make such a recall and show it in the same chapter.
  • In the LN it is stated that the smartphone's map shows the name of the locations but in the first episode of the Anime this is not shown.
  • In the LN it is shown that Touya doesn't know how much the clothes are sold for and has some problems, while in the Anime this part was cut out and shows only Touya with the money.
  • In the LN novel Touya first goes to the Inn "Silver Moon" and after taking a stroll he encounters Elze and Linze making them clients of the Inn. While in the Anime the contrary happens, Touya first encounters the twins that take him to the Inn making him a new client.
  • In the LN Elze takes down one of the swindlers by equipping her gauntlets while in the Anime she takes him down with her bare hands.
  • In the LN the procedure for the registration of the guild is described, while in the anime this part is not shown 
  • In the LN the moment Touya enter the weapon shop and buy his weapon is shown, but in the Anime this part is cut
  • In the LN Touya's first try of magic happens in a coffee shop in the city while in the Anime this happens in the Inn "Silver Moon".
  • In the LN Touya uses Gate with present only Linze and found Elze on the other side in the forest, while in the Anime both twins are present
  • In the LN Touya takes Linze into his room and with her help, he writes the recipe for the ice cream with her that ask what are grams and milliliters while in the Anime Aer is the one that writes the recipe.



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