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Hildegard Minas Restia (ヒルデガルド・ミナス・レスティア Hirudegarudo Minasu Resutia?) is one of Touya Mochizuki's wives. Hilda is also the first princess of Restia Knight Kingdom and she is currently living with Touya and everyone else at Brunhild Dukedom.


Hilda is shown as a slender and well-built female knight. She has long blonde hair with blue eyes and clean white skin. She also wears magic-enchanted mithril armor which decorated with gold and Restia royal family emblem on the breastplate[4].


She appears as a chivalrous and dignified person and she usually talks in formal speech. She has interest in swordsmanship and together with Yae Kokonoe, they are called as sword-fool (剣術バカ Kenjutsu baka?).



  • Swordsmanship - As a royal knight, she posses a high-skill swordsmanship and because of it, she is called as "Knight Princess".
  • Improved Fighting Power - it is Hilda's "FAMILY TRAIT" (眷属特性 Kenzoku Tokusei?). As a "FAMILY" (眷属 Kenzoku?, literally meaning "relative") of Moroha Mochizuki, she is bestowed by the god's divine power with increased fighting power[5].



  • According to the character introduction[6]:
    1. She is in good term with Yae Kokonoe.
    2. Her Frame Gear is Heavy-duty Seigrune.


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