Great Sea of Trees (大樹海 Dai Jukai?) is a major location in the series.


The Great Sea of Trees is located between the Kingdom of Mismede and the Region of Sandora.

Notable People

Locations within The Sea of Trees

  • Great Deity Tree: The largest tree in the Great Sea of Trees. It also serves as the area where the Pruning Ceremony is held every 10 years.

Tribes of the Great Sea of Trees

  • Rauri Tribe - A female only tribe that are the current winners of the last Pruning Ceremony
  • Rivet Tribe - A tribe of the Great Sea of Trees that specializes in using poison
  • Balum Tribe - A male only tribe that normally opposes the Rauri Tribe.
  • Jaja Tribe - Also known as the Referee Tribe. They are the only tribe who are allowed to live at the base of Great Deity Tree.
  • Panao Tribe - The tribe who won the previous Pruning Ceremony
  • Lemuna Tribe - One of the tribes that competed in the Pruning Ceremony. They were defeated by the Rivet Tribe.


  • Every 10 years a competition called the Pruning Ceremony is held between the tribes to decide who the strongest tribe(known as the Tribe of Tree King) as well as to establish one new law within the Great Sea of Trees only if it is approved by the Great Tree Dieity.[1]


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