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The God of Sword (剣神 Kenjin?) is a goddess from the Divine Realm who excels in sword technique. She is pretending to be Touya Mochizuki's second older sister the under alias Moroha Mochizuki (望月諸刃 Mochizuki Moroha?).


The God of Sword appears as a woman with short purplish silver hair and white skin. According to Touya, she has a gallant type of beauty.[1]


The God of Sword is a woman who enjoys testing her abilities in combat.


She descended from the Divine Realm to assist the God of Love in retrieving the rogue servant god. After the awakening of Touya's divinity, she has been teaching him how to control the release of his powers.


  • Swordsmanship Expertise: as the God of Sword, she posses an extraordinary swordsmanship technique and knowledge. She also able to point out other people swordsmanship's weakness and how to strengthen them[2].



  • According to the character introduction[3]:
    1. She becomes Brunhild's swordfighting consultant.
    2. She has a gallant personality however she is also somewhat of a natural airhead.
  • Her alias, Moroha, is written in kanji as 諸刃, which literally means double edge.


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