That’s more like it! Love isn’t about one-sided happiness! It’s meaningless if you don’t become happy, too.

—The God of Love letting Touya that everyone needs to be happy in love.

God of Love



Kanji 恋愛神
Romaji Ren'aishin
Gender Female
Species God
Hair Color Pink
Personal Status
Affiliations Divine Realm
Media Debut
Novel Light Novel Volume 3, Chapter 2
Web Novel Chapter 9 #69

The God of Love (恋愛神 Ren'ai-shin?) is a goddess from the Divine Realm who controls romantic related matters. She come to Brunhild Dukedom and pretending to be Touya Mochizuki's older sister under alias Karen Mochizuki (望月花恋 Mochizuki Karen?).


The God of Love appears as a woman in her twenties with fluffy pink hair. She is shown to be wearing fluffy white thin clothing with golden necklace and bracelet while barefooted.[1]


The God of Love is a mischievous person who likes to cause people troubles for her own amusement. These troubles would usually not be to life-threatening, just embarrassing or humiliating.


She shown to be interested with Touya Mochizuki which she then often arranged some romance event, including when Touya accidentally his girl friends (later, wives) naked. When Touya went to the Divine Realm for asking relationship advice from God, she was invited by God because Touya's problem was her area of expertise. When she met Touya, she confessed that she had arranged some of the accident but she couldn't affects one's heart[1].

One day, The God of Love arrived at Brunhild Dukedom. She was looking for a dependable God that escape from Divine Realm and chose Brunhild Dukedom as her lodging place. While doing so, she had an idea to pretend as Touya Mochizuki's older sister. At first, Touya refused her idea but after she persistently persuaded Touya to let her becoming his sister, Touya gave up and agreed to do so. That night, she received a warm welcome dinner from the Brunhild Dukedom's member[2].


  • Divine Aura: as a goddess, she able to release a divine aura which blinds all non-God type creature while also renders them immobile.
  • Match-maker: as the God of Love, it is her job to matchmaking the human. However, she can not do it directly but through purportedly serendipitous events.
  • Romance Expertise: as the God of Love, she is knowledgeable about romance and relationship, consequently people usually asking her advice in respect of their relationship problem.


  • "Don't called me that ~noyo, it's Karen ~nanoyo. Ah, doesn't using onē-chan is fine ~noyo? I mean, you call onē-chan ~noyo" (「違うのよ、花恋なのよ。あ、お姉ちゃんでもいいのよ? っていうか、お姉ちゃんって呼ぶのよ」 Chigau ~noyo, Karen ~nanoyo. A, onē-chan demo ī ~noyo? Tte iu ka, onē-chan tte yobu ~noyo) - Karen "God of Love" Mochizuki when Touya Mochizuki called her, God of Love at Brunhild Dukedom for the first time.
  • "On here (the earth), I'm Touya-kun's ōnēsan ~nanoyo. Karen Mochizuki. Ehehe, doesn't it sounds good?" 「地上では私は冬夜君のお姉さんなのよ。望月花恋。ふふん、いいでしょう?」 kokode wa watashi wa Touya-kun ōnēsan ~nanoyo. Mochizuki Karen. Fufun, īdeshou? - Karen "God of Love" Mochizuki when she met the God of Sword.


  • According to the character introduction:
    • #1: She always finishes her sentences with "-nanoyo" (~なのよ)[3].
  • Her alias, Karen, is written in kanji as 花恋, which literally means flower love.



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