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God (神様 Kamisama?), later called as World God (世界神様 Sekai Kamisama?) is a supporting character of the In Another World With My Smartphone. World God controls what occurs in the world that Touya currently in and his previous world. When he come down to the world, he posed as Touya's grandfather and use Shinnosuke Mochizuki (望月神之助 Mochizuki Shinnosuke?) as his name [1].


God is an old man with gray hair. He has long eyebrows and a long beard. His hair is slicked back, and he wears a pair of black glasses. For clothes, he wears light brown robes with a darker brown robe on top.


God is a gentle man who seems to be unfazed by anything but mistakes, as seen when he was fervently apologizing for killing Touya from a stray lightning bolt. This also shows that God is not conceited like most representations of a higher power, but he is rather modest. God also seems quite diligent as he follows the rules even with such massive power that is granted by being a higher power.


God is able to do many things, like controlling lightning bolts and manipulating souls, but even he states that he has a set of rules he has to abide.


God and Touya are the first characters to appear in the series, they are in Heaven where God apologizes to Touya for accidentally killing him with lightning as Touya reacts calmly since it was a mistake. God was surprised by the latter's reaction as Touya explained he was taught not to be overacting to a mistake. Touya asked if he will be judged but God states he is resurrecting Touya but states he is improving so he'll better survive before he sends him to the world where this story takes place. Since Touya's cell phone has God's number, God calls to check if it works, and he confirms that it does.


  • "Those are the rules. I cannot apologize enough for these inconvenient circumstances."
  • "I sincerely apologize for the trouble this has caused you."


  • When Touya and God where discussing about Touya's future, both were drinking tea. The tea stems in the tea where both vertical, which signifies good luck.


  1. Web Novel Arc 27 Chapter #290, World God come down to the world and posing as Touya's grandfather


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