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Resurrected in another world


the twins

Elze and her sister Linze Silhoueska were in an alleyway had some problem when trading with some guys. The twins were being scammed by the guys. Overhearing their argument, Touya Mochizuki decided to help the sister by asked them to sell the item to him. He broke the goods and knock down the guys easily. He paid the twins a gold coin as promised. As both, Touya and the girls just arrived at the town, the twin sister also decided to stay at the Silver Moon[10]. Having the same intention, Touya and the twins went for applying to the adventurer guild together. They decided to do their first quest, a hunting job with 18 copper coins prize. Upon registering the quest, Touya realized that he had no weapon at hand. At Eight Bears Weapon Shop, they met the shop owner, Barral and Touya bought his first weapon, a katana for 2 gold coins[11]. After spending 2 hours walking to the East forest, they were ambushed by the wolves. Fortunately, the wolves were the required beast for their quest. The wolves were defeated effortlessly because of Touya's swordsmanship, Elze's boxing skill and Linze's Magic Fire magic. From this hunt, they able to get 6 horn from the wolves which exceeding the required 5. After finishing the task, they went to one of coffee shop in town. On their way, Touya asked the twins to teach him how to read and write their alphabet as it was inconvenience for them. On top of that, Touya also asked them to teach him how to utilize magic which was poorly responded [12]. Having his ability boosted by God, Touya seemed confident about his magical ability. Then Linze explained the process to know one's magic aptitude.

Even though they are twins, Linze and Elze had different magic attribute. Surprisingly, Touya had a far superior magical attribute than Linze. Having ruined their table, they left the shop and Linze taught him how to read and write for the rest of the day[13]. On the next day, Touya and Linze went to the backyard of Silver Moon while Elze left for the guild's quest. to Linze's admiration, Touya had magic aptitude for all attribute which is extremely rare. He even can used Magic Null magic, which is a personalized magic, by casting 「Gate」, a portal magic. The portal was opened to the East Forest and they met Elze there[14]. Back to the inn, Touya and Linze saw Micah was working in the kitchen with Aer, the owner of Parent coffee shop. Touya introduced them to ice cream when Aer asked for new menu for her shop. With help from his smartphone, he got the ice cream recipe, and Linze's ice magic, which is sub-category for Magic Water magic, they was able to make the ice cream. Aer was delightful with the result and thanked both of them. On the other hand, Linze annoyed when she knew that she couldn't taste the new menu[15].

Traveling Companion

Crystal monster


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