Eashen (神国イーシェン Shinkoku Īshen?, literally meaning "Eashen, the land of gods") is a major location within the series.


Eashen is a country composed 4 big islands and its located in the east from the Kingdom of Belfast.

It's confined Kingdom is located in the north of the Nokia Kingdom, in the east of the Yulong, The Heavenly Empire of Heaven, and in the Southwest of the Horn Kingdom

Notable People from Eashen

Locations within Eashen

  • Oedo - The capital of the Tokugawa domain, Eashen. Yae Kokonoe grew up in Oedo and it is where the Kokonoe Residence is located.


  • Eashen can be considered the counterpart of Japan as stated in the afterword by Fuyuhara Patora in the afterword of volume 3 of the light novel.
  • The Ruins Leen seeks to visit, called 'Niruya Ruins' is described by the samurai as being under the ocean, near an island he has visited. The inspiration for this likely was the Yonaguni monument (which is under the sea in Okinawa prefecture, Japan).
  • Notable places include the shrine, Oedo, Kokonoe's family residence, Tokugawa Castle, Tokugawa camp, Takeda camp, an unnamed island and Niruya Ruin.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu (Lord of Oedo in this word) was the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate in the real world, also based in a castle in Edo after establishing the position of shogun.
  • Kokonoe Yae is from a place called Oedo, which (in the real world) is the previous name of Tokyo, Edo until the Meiji reform.



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