Charlotte (シャルロッテ Sharurotte?) is the court magician of the Kingdom of Belfast.


Charlotte is a young woman with long green hair and green eyes. She is wearing a long white clothing.


Charlotte is a passionate woman with a thirst for knowledge. Although not confirmed, she may have masochistic tendencies, hinted at a scene in the series when she blushed while Leen revealed that she used borderline torture when disciplining her.


She is known to be Leen's magic apprentice before being the official royal court mage of the Kingdom of Belfast.





  1. Web Novel Arc 28 Chapter #316, Charlotte told Touya about her attribute.
  2. Web Novel Arc 4 Chapter #26, Touya mentioned Charlotte's job position.
  3. Web Novel Arc 6 Chapter #45, Leen mentioned Charlotte as her disciple.


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