Carlossa Galune Swordrick (カルロッサ・ガルン・ソードレック Karurossa Garun Sōdorekku?) is a swordsman who was trained by Jūbei Kokonoe. Holds the noble title of Viscount within the Kingdom of Belfast.




He is the recipient of the letter from Zanac Zenfield that Touya and the girls go to the capital to deliver. He is also the person whom Yae Kokonoe is going to the capital to meet since he is acquainted with her father. Yae has a sparring match with Yae so she can gauge her progress of her training.


Since he was trained by Jūbei Kokonoe, he knows the same style as Yae although he is at a higher level than her, as it was shown that he can use the style's shadow move and Yae cannot.





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