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The Region of Sandora (サンドラ地方 Sandora Chihō?), formerly known as Kingdom of Sandora (サンドラ王国 Sandora Ōkoku?) is one of the wastelands which exist after Touya Mochizuki destroyed the kingdom.


This country legalize slave trade[1]. This country is located to the south of Kingdom of Mismede past the Great Sea of Trees[2].

Notable People

Locations within Region of Sandora

  • Rabbi Desert (ラビ砂漠 Rabi Sabaku?)[3] - A large desert area that exist to the southeast of the country. It also hides the teleportation circle for the Workshop of Babylon.
  • Kyurei Capital City (王都キュレイ Ōto Kyurei?)[4] - The capital city of Kingdom of Sandora.
  • Astal City (アスタルの都 Asutaru no Miyako?)[5] - Kingdom of Sandora second capital city. It also known as slave city[6]. This city was burned down into ashes by Touya Mochizuki[7].


  • This is the only country in the world that allows slavery in any form.[1]
  • Most slaves that exist in this country are either criminals or people who were captured by bandits or slave traders.[1]


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