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Did Fuyuhara-sensei just went meta with his latest chapter?

I've been following the original version of IseSuma for quite a while now and Fuyuhara-sensei's latest chapter release threw me off-guard.

I'm still not totally proficient in Japanese language but let me pick an excerpt (and my translation) from the latest chapter:

Still wanting to greet my parents for the first time, Yumina gathers her courage and took the first step.

"Ah,E-Excuse me... I am..."
"You are Yumina, right?"

My mother uttered Yumina's name and it made Yumina froze in shock. HOw does she know Yumina? Did the World God told her about it?

"Hmm... The girl with the long silver hair is Elze... The one with the short one is Linze... and the one with the ponytail is surely Yae."

Uwah... She got it, right!

"We're also informed of the little lady here and the twintail girl... If I can recall... you are Suu-san and Leen-san. Are they going to be your bride as well, Touya?"

Dad asks his counter-attack. What is this? This is strange! From the way Father says it... they're aware that I'm engaged with Yumina, Elze, Linze and Yae... but not yet with Suu and Leen... right?

"I do not know of the other three, though. We didn't see them back then."


Cried Ruu, Hilda and Sakura as they flock towards my mother.

I think that's not 100% translation of it. But I think you already get the idea. After that, they talked about how Touya's friend in junior high is now working as his father's assistant in making a manga, at how that friend is also seeing Touya in his dreams doing his adventures and how at they are turning those dreams into a manga (since Touya's father is a mangaka).

I really believe that the latest chapter is really a call-out to the anime adaptation. In the anime, Touya is already engaged with Yumina, Elze, Linze and Yae. Suu and Leen is already introduced but is still not engaged with Touya. And of course, Ruu, Hilda and Sakura is still yet to be introduced.

When I was reading this, I can't stop myself from giggling. I'm really enjoying this series so far. Here's to hoping we get more and more in this series. Happy Holidays!
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